Order execution

We act on your behalf. Just as conscientiously as you would do.

We execute equity and fixed income orders on behalf of institutional clients such as banks, insurers, fund companies and pension funds. This means that we act as a sort of outsourced trading desk for companies that do not wish to carry out their transactions on their own.

This work requires a high level of responsibility. Absolute reliability and transparency are of paramount importance to ensure that every order is replicable at any time.

Are you looking for a partner to take over order execution for you?

"The major players also benefit from our know-how."

Institutional investors have external securities trading banks execute their orders. Detlef Glatz, Head of Institutional Sales & Execution at mwb fairtrade Wertpapierhandelsbank, explains why.

Mr Glatz, why is it that institutional investors outsource their order business to external service providers such as mwb?

That's a classic outsourcing issue: they turn to us rather than employing an in-house trading desk - or to relieve the burden on it.

Which client groups do you serve in the institutional segment?

Primarily banks and the asset managers of wealth management companies, investment firms and insurance companies. Our client roster includes small commercial banks all the way through to the largest investment firms in Germany and abroad.

This means you also work for really big names?

Yes. These clients place great value on absolute reliability and utmost professionalism. They are looking for a solid partner with a clear strategy who is not going to simply vanish from the market overnight.

So you're saying that it's not enough to merely offer the best and fastest computerised trading systems, but rather good old-fashioned business values too?

You know, technologies are a dime a dozen nowadays. Values aren't. At mwb, our team sets itself apart through fairness, transparency and a high level of individualised support.

How big a role does individuality play in buying and selling securities?

In most cases, we operate according to clearly defined client requirements. Trading can take place over long timescales, weighted by volume or in accordance with certain market conditions. Moreover, in many cases we serve not only as an execution partner but also as an advisor.

Meaning that even proven financial market professionals follow your advice?

What I said earlier about outsourcing also applies here. Our clients rely on our comprehensive financial market expertise rather than devoting the time and energy themselves. If they wish, we develop commercial ideas, identify trends and issue trading recommendations. Our understanding of the small- and mid-cap market also plays a vital role. We often identify hidden investment opportunities in this segment which don't even show up on many investors' radar screens.

How do you obtain the relevant data?

As well as a thorough in-house analysis of the news, we also rely on the findings of research firms with which we work closely.

So you could say, you approach your clients as equals?

Our business model wouldn't work otherwise. We understand institutional investors' needs and are always on hand to help them. In order to stay close to our clients, we run our institutional order business at three trading venues in Germany - Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us!