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Times change. Our values don't.


It took a great deal of entrepreneurial spirit to found a securities trading firm in 1993. Deutsche Telekom had yet to float its shares and there was no daily television commentary on stock prices. Indeed, securities were still bought and sold on the trading floor using hand signals, and electronic trading systems were still only in their infancy. mwb's beginnings stretch back to these days.

Exchange listing

It is natural for a broker to be listed on an exchange itself. This makes it possible to better understand the needs of one's own clients. mwb was listed on the Official Market in 1999. We have been listed in the m:access segment of the Munich Stock Exchange since 2009.


Electronic trading systems began their victory march after the turn of the millennium. One consequence of this was a consolidation process amongst exchange brokers. In order to safeguard and expand its leading position, mwb merged with the Hamburg-based Fairtrade Finance AG in 2008.


The financial crisis of 2007-2017 highlighted just how complex the capital markets have since become. As an expert, mwb thus also offers assistance to companies so that they can successfully operate on the stock markets. To that end, the "Capital Markets" segment was expanded in 2016 and rebranded "Corporates & Markets".

Looking ahead

Despite all of these changes, much has remained the same at mwb. For instance, how we think and act: down-to-earth, with diligence, transparency and openness. Values which are as timeless as is the need for people to take action.