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Equity capital markets

Money doesn't grow on trees. It's made in the stock markets.

As a specialist for equity capital markets, mwb fairtrade is the first port of call for SMEs. We focus solely on small and mid-caps and have built up in-depth expertise in this segment. 

If you are looking to bolster your equity, we can assist you with your initial public offering (IPO), capital increases or secondary placements. We also possess expertise when it comes to issuing convertible bonds. These can be exchanged for shares at a later date. 

Thanks to our close partnership with the Hamburg-based research institution SRH AlsterResearch, we are always on top of the latest market data and are able to draw up IPO studies for you. And what's more: Since we work as order book managers and designated sponsors, we can continue to assist you after your IPO if you like.

A full range of financial markets services

You wish to float your shares on the stock exchange

Capital increase
You wish to increase the number of subscribed shares

Secondary placement
You wish to sell shares held by existing shareholders to new ones

You wish to have your shares included in or admitted to trading without an IPO

Convertible bond
You wish to issue a bond with the option of subsequently acquiring shares

Securities acquisition and takeover offers
Acquisition of securities and mandatory offers to acquire securities of target companies in the form of public purchase or exchange offers

Share buybacks
Purchase of own company shares by a stock corporation via the stock exchange

Exchangeable bonds
Entitles the investor to exchange them for shares at the end of their term in a specified ratio

Listing of a company on a suitable stock exchange segment for equity financing purposes