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We bring firms and investors together

Successful bond issues offer companies greater financial leeway. Yet this success depends on convincing prospective investors – particularly when it comes to corporate bonds for companies which are not known nationally.

mwb fairtrade therefore does not consider itself a mere underwriter, but rather an interface between companies and the capital markets. Our team has longstanding contacts and knows which investors are the right match for which bonds. Before we advise you to issue a bond, we first analyse your company and discuss with you which conditions make the best fit for you. Whether it be the term, coupon (interest rate) or the right trading venue. Our analysis may well prompt us to advise against issuing a bond, but that's because it's about doing the responsible thing and not simply serving our own interests.

Three steps to bond issuance

Analyse the companyEvaluate its opportunities on the capital market
Market researchDefine potential and benchmarking
RatingIf necessary, select and engage a ratings agency
Set milestonesDetermine all necessary steps, including issue date  
Develop presentationCompile all relevant information for investors
Market soundingPresent investment story to selected investors and obtain reliable feedback
Determine issuance volumeSet a realistic volume based on sounding
Determine the termDetermine maturity date for corporate bond
Coupon amountUse sounding to determine the interest rate that will be attractive to investors
Define covenantsAgree on clauses in bond terms and conditions to limit investor risk
Select trading venueDetermine trading venue which appears most suitable for an issuance 
Select market segmentDetermine the segment that offers the greatest chances for success 
Due diligence Risk review on behalf of mwb 
Draft prospectusAssist in preparing a prospectus
RoadshowPresent investment story to investors 
Visit trading floorVisit venue on day of initial listing and provide additional support with future PR work
Aftermarket supportWhere necessary, stabilise trading and secure liquidity through market making